We understand that having qualified professionals caring for your home and family is very important. We are honest, resourceful and dependable, we pride ourselves on our high standard and strong work ethic. You can count on us to handle all of the details; know the importance of nothing falling through the cracks. We love working as a team and the daily variation of responsibilities are an extension of what we enjoy in life. You will always have certainty that your home is well cared for at all times.

Our professional backgrounds include facilities maintenance, vehicle maintenance, landscaping, florist, construction, painting, caretaking/estate management and personal assistant support. We have a proven track record of outstanding time management and ability to perform under extreme deadlines. Our tremendous experience and huge diversity in background brings a logical and efficient approach to our careers. We know that you will find our versatility and our positive attitudes assets that will truly add to the quality of your time  in Montana.

Our family history goes back nearly 100 years in the Flathead Valley and this is where we have chosen to finish raising our two sons. We are a close family and together we enjoy all of the community and outdoor activities that this area has to offer. We work together and we play together.


Scott Kriesch and Dawn Gaines

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Dawn Gaines

We are fully insured, including liabilities; which provides even more peace of mind for our clients.

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