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12-Point Home Inspection Package

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Home Watchers, Inc.

439 Grand Avenue, Suite 158

Bigfork, MT 59911


Scott Kriesch

Phone: (406) 837-2110

Fax: (406) 837-0206



Dawn Gaines

We are fully insured, including liabilities; which provides even more peace of mind for our clients.

˝A property management and home caretaking provider˝

Office (406) 837-2110

Open 24 hours,

7 days a week

These services are exclusive to our contracted clients.

Grounds Inspection

Monitor Alarm System

Check for Water Leaks

Doors & Windows Locked

Run Faucets & Toilets

Storm Damage

Power Outage

Flooding Freezing

Winter Services


Summer Services


12-Point Home Inspection Package


Personal Assistant Services


Additional Services

Weekly Security Checks

Severe Weather Checks:


Temperature Control

Monitor Lighting